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                                                         THAT GETS

                                                         THE JOB DONE

                                                          Until  nding Big Ass Fans, Heather Cannon Honda in

                                                          Ponca City, Oklahoma, struggled with problems common
                                                          to spaces throughout the auto industry: sti ing heat and

                                                          humidity, lingering fumes and odors, and high costs for
                                                          installing and operating A/C.

                                                          Determined to  nd a more e cient way to solve these

                                                          problems, Cannon Honda turned to Big Ass Fans,
                                                          installing overhead Essence fans to deliver comfo  in

                                                          the showroom and Yellow Jackets for targeted ai low in
                                                          the garage to quickly dissipate fumes and help keep

                                                          su aces dry and safe.

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