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 Whether you run a small workshop, a busy  ve-bay garage,
 or a massive warehouse, you need an e ective solution to
 maintain a safe, productive environment without ba ling

 exorbitant energy costs. Cold Front evaporative coolers take

 the  ght to workplace heat on the ground, while Big Ass
 overhead fans provide industry-leading air movement from
 above, keeping your people comfo able and motivated

 without costly A/C use.

 Pairing Cold Front coolers with our overhead fans silently
 and e ciently delivers the bene ts of powe ul spot-cooling

 and elevated air speed to every corner of your facility. When

 used in tandem, the two systems o er maximum cooling,
 coverage areas, and energy savings so your team can do
 what it does best.

                 COLD FRONT 500

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